Best Official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra covers are available to buy

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the result of years of effort. From the camera array to the S Pen, everything has been improved. It’s so polished, in fact, that you may not even need to cover it with a hefty third-party case. Why not seek protection from Samsung itself? Here are the finest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra official cases available.

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Official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Covers:

Editor’s note: As more official cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra become available, we will update this list.

Silicone cover

It’s difficult to beat the official Samsung silicone cover if you want to keep things simple. It’s just around 2mm thick, yet it can resist small bumps and shocks. The silicone cover isn’t the most durable option, but the adhesive silicone ensures that it won’t slide off a table or other surface. The Samsung silicone cover is available in a variety of colours, including black, pink, and white.

Kvadrat official Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case

Samsung’s official Kvadrat case for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case could be the most comfortable choice on the list thanks to the textile cover. It’s constructed completely of recycled bottles and is available in red or grey. The Kvadrat case, like many others, prioritises protection over bulk, relying on a TPU framework for drop protection.

LED flip wallet

The last item on today’s list is a hybrid of an S-View flip cover as well as a wallet case. It displays alerts and the current time via an LED matrix on the front flip cover. You may also store a credit card or ID secure in the slot within the lid. Unfortunately, the cover does not fold into a kickstand, but an antibacterial covering should keep germs at away.

Rugged official Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case

One of the most distinguishing aspects of Samsung’s tough casing is the ridges that run the length of it. With just one glance, you can tell it’s the OEM’s hardest choice. Even better, the designed kickstand on the rear panel can be adjusted to 45 or 60 degrees for optimal streaming. Even if the rear panel becomes a little slippery, the tactile side rails will help you keep a firm hold on your phone.

Clear with kickstand

If you like the transparent cover’s design but want a little more utility, Samsung now makes an official Note 20 Ultra case with a kickstand. It’s made of the same TPU material as just the phone, but it includes a folding metal tripod so you can use your phone to watch TV or play games without having to hold it. Much better, you can still show off your phone’s design that isn’t obscured by the kickstand.

Clear cover

This transparent cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case is similar to the silicone cover in that it adds little bulk while providing enough protection. It’s not nearly as haptic as its silicone counterpart, but the plastic structure should hold up better to everyday scrapes and scratches.            

S-View flip

In terms of protection, Samsung’s S-View flip cover takes things to the next level. Because of the flip cover, you’ll have complete 360-degree covering, but you’ll still be able to view alerts via the clear strip down the side. You don’t have to open the cover to take a call since the S-View flip case shows who’s calling. Snapping your phone into the rigid frame is simple, and the case comes in a variety of colours, including white and pink.

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