10 Best Pinterest Alternatives to Use Instead

Looking for a Pinterest for boys? A Pinterest for meal? A Pinterest for jokes? Here are the greatest alternatives to Pinterest!

Pinterest has gained a reputation as a website aimed almost at women looking for wedding, home décor, and entertainment ideas.

Maybe you enjoy the concept of Pinterest, but not its subject matter. Maybe Pinterest simply isn’t for you. Don’t panic, since there are lots of Pinterest options.

Looking for a Pinterest for boys? It’s out there. A Pinterest for food? It exists. A Pinterest for memes? You’re in luck. For this post, we have produced a list of the 10 greatest applications and sites like Pinterest.

1. Juxtapost

Juxtapost is a Pinterest rip-off done well. It was designed to be a better version of Pinterest, filling in many of the holes that existed previously, such as invite-only membership, the availability of private boards, and the ability to transfer content. Juxtapost lost a lot of its unique characteristics as Pinterest caught up, but its community is still alive and well.

Juxtapost’s More like This button is our favorite feature. If you’re on the home page and come across a tasty dish, you may click that icon to see additional wonderful recipes right away. Posts may also be classified and labeled in a variety of ways, making it simple to find fresh information that piques your interest.

If you’re looking for a Pinterest-like site with a lot of the same features but in a different format, try Juxtapost.

2. We Heart It

If we had to sum up We Heart It in a single sentence, we’d say it’s the child of Pinterest and Tumblr, and not in a negative way. We Heart It is a social media platform where people can be themselves and share anything they want, including kitten images, melodramatic quotations, gorgeous clothing, sceneries, cuisine, and more.

There’s an undertone running through all of the We Heart It articles that suggests this site is mostly visited by adolescent and college females. There isn’t as much wedding preparation as there is in the past, but there is a little more adolescent angst. We Heart it is for you if you’re seeking for additional sites like Pinterest that are focused at young ladies.

3. Dribbble

Dribbble describes itself as the “leading destination to locate and promote creative work,” according to its site. Dribbble is the ideal place for all of you creative types to answer the question, “What are they working on right now?”

Whether you’re making websites, movie posters, typography, pixel art, business logos, architecture, or anything else, you may use Dribbble to show off your work. It’s a fantastic method to show off what you’ve done using Canva, Photoshop, and other design software.

You’re not a designer? That’s good as well. Explore the Dribbble postings (referred to as “shots” rather than “pins” or “posts”) to gain a look into the thoughts of diverse designers. There’s a lot of information here that will blow your mind if you like art in all of its forms.

4. FoodGawker

Are you a lover of delicious foods? If this is the case, you’ll fall totally in love with FoodGawker. This Pinterest-inspired website is not only a terrific way to learn about new meals, ingredients, and food photography, but it’s also a great location to get lots of online cooking tutorials for beginners and professionals alike.

A word of caution: don’t visit this site while you’re hungry, or you’ll end up with a puddle of drool on your desk.

FoodGawker’s sole drawback is that it is curated. You may submit your own photos and links, but the editors will evaluate them all and make the ultimate decision on what will be published. On the one hand, this retains a high quality level, but it loses part of its Pinterest-like appeal.

5. Minty-fresh

Gentlemint is a social media platform where members may share and upload anything “gentlemanly.” Despite the elegant name, Gentlemint seems to have acquired a following that is more interested in memes and infographics. This is the site for you if you’re looking for a man-centric Pinterest alternative.

There are a few articles here and there on whiskey, survival skills, and DIY projects, but if you’re looking for deep masculine wisdom, go elsewhere. Other drawbacks include a site design that is a touch too plain (albeit this is a personal preference) and a community that isn’t quite as large as it might be.

6. Dudepins

Another Pinterest-inspired site focused towards males is Dudepins. Dudepins is distinguished by its propensity to be a little more refined than the competition. It includes memes, fitness motivation, and sports topics in addition to men’s fashion, style, and man caves.

Dudepins isn’t a desert wasteland, but it hasn’t yet reached critical mass in terms of community size, which is sad since we feel it has the best opportunity of becoming the internet’s “Pinterest for men.

7. Pearltrees

Pearltrees is a one-stop store for anything you care about.You may not only add photographs, URLs, and documents to your collection, but you can also use Pearltrees’ browser extension to grab snippets of web sites and upload them to your collection.

You may construct a variety of collections using Pearltrees, and you can arrange them with as many subcollections as you like. As soon as you add an item to your collection, Pearltrees will show you comparable collections created by other users. You receive 1GB of storage for free with Pearltrees, but you’ll have to pay a monthly price to gain extra storage and features.

8. Extravagant

Check out Fancy if you’re constantly shopping for new clothing, shoes, art, or home décor. This Pinterest alternative helps to explore a wide range of unique items that you can purchase directly from the site.

If you’re not ready to purchase the things you see, you may “Fancy” them or save them to your profile by clicking the Popsicle symbol. You may also make your own shopping lists and share things with your pals.

9. Combine

Mix is a fantastic Pinterest substitute. When you join up for the site, you may pick from a variety of subjects for your newsfeed, such as fashion, architecture, music, amusing articles, nature, and more.

When you enjoy a post, you may add it to a collection on your profile by using the Mix button. Mix curates a tailored content stream based on these postings. You may also see out what other people are mixing in the popular tab.

10. DwellingGawker

DwellingGawker was founded by the same persons that founded FoodGawker, except instead of food, it concentrates on interior design and architecture. Each picture is vetted by the site’s editors, much as on FoodGawker. You may also save and share the lovely photographs you find, as well as upload your own. This website will undoubtedly motivate you to improve your living space.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Pinterest Substitutes?

These Pinterest alternatives are ideal if you need to get away from Pinterest for a while. They’ve added a lot of fresh material that you can check out, save, and share.

Why not go check out the finest websites like Pinterest now that we’ve given you the list?

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